Merge Zombie - Merge Tycoon

Merge Zombie - Merge Tycoon
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Plaatsingsdatum: 16 december 2019
Grootte: 158.66 MB
Versie: 1.3.9
App Type: Universal (iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad)


When a zombie is paired with another zombie, it merges into an even stronger zombie!
A fun and easy zombie-merging idle RPG!

◎ Game Features

◆ Zombies upon zombies!
Merge zombies to make an even stronger zombie!
An endless herd of new zombies!

◆ Think you’ve got what it takes for a full clear?
More than 5,000 stages,
an additional 1,000 stages uploaded each week!

◆ Easy merge, easy battle
Automatic merges! Automatic battles!
Breakthrough system allows for faster battles!

◆ An idle game with world bosses? A never-ending challenge!
Now you can attend raids without having to do anything!
Various types of idle play at your fingertips!

◆ Collect zombies and fill up the bestiary!
Collect assorted heroes and zombies in idle mode!
Get new zombies to complete your bestiary!

◆ Strategic alliances! Strong parties!
Your very own hero! Your very own merged zombie!
Optimal merges allow for more strategic victories!

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